Heading to Asakusa after work

Asakusa is easy to visit and accommodation is cheap.
Since the sights are densely packed, the range of movement is narrow.

I went to Asakusa on a Friday night because it’s close to my workplace.
I stayed at Agora Place Tokyo Asakusa.
It’s a small room, but $42.5 a night with shower and toilet.

It’s not hard to sleep, but the room is dark. I wonder if it’s suitable for working or taking pictures in the room.
However, this time I only took a shower and went to sleep, so there was no problem.

I went straight to Ameyoko shopping street without eating breakfast.

  ↓ walk
Tawaramachi Station
  ↓ Ginza LineLocalShibuya/5 min
Ueno-Hirokoji Station
  ↓ walk/About 4 min
Ameyoko Shopping District

Depending on the store, it seems to be open from around 10 o’clock, so go to the cheap oyster store you want.
Oysters are super cheap at around $8.
2 or 3 stores were selling in this price range.
The tuna bowl is probably cheap tuna. It was about $4 so that’s good.


Eat lightly and stroll around Ameyoko shopping street.
Good place to buy souvenirs.
There was a shrine in the shopping district, so I visited. The view was nice.
But matsutake mushrooms and crabs are often low-end products.
It’s a pity.

I was satisfied after about two laps, so I headed to Shinobazu Pond.
10 minutes on foot.
It was around November, but it was a warm day.
Shinobazu Pond is a famous lotus spot.
The best time to see them is usually from mid-July to mid-August.
Unfortunately it was over.
There was a shrine in the back, so I visited.
 ↓ ※Image of flowering season.

Ueno Zoo is on the right before Shinobazu Pond.
I didn’t go this time, but I recommend it because it costs about 5 dollars. If you like zoos, you can stay for a day.

There were several food stalls, so I went home while eating baby castella.

It was a short trip for about $60.
Asakusa is a tourist spot, but it’s nice that there are many places you can walk around without spending money.


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