Products sold at convenience stores and my recommendations

I have some recommendations.

liquor, brandy, cocktail

Alcoholic beverages can be purchased by anyone over the age of 20.
You can buy it at any store that is open 24 hours a day.
Beer, cocktails, sake, wine, etc.
Drinking alcohol on the street is not prohibited, but please observe good manners and do not throw away garbage so as not to disturb others.
Enjoy indoors as much as possible.
However, please note that it is illegal to drive a bicycle or a car after drinking alcohol.

My recommendation is plum wine.
A little sweet and fruity.
I like the one with brandy because it’s delicious and I recommend it.


Freshly ground or canned coffee is recommended.
It has more fragrance than the plastic bottle type.
From $1~


They sell stationery such as pens, notebooks, erasers, staplers, etc.


We also sell a small amount of cosmetics.
Sunscreens, makeup removers, and shampoos are also sold in small sizes.
It will be helpful if you forget or need it in a hurry.
There are also shaving products and waxes for men.


Comics, magazines, weekly magazines, etc.
But there aren’t many.
Most of the magazines are fashion magazines.

Rice balls
rice ball

They sell rice balls, sandwiches, bread, and other items that can be eaten immediately and are easy to carry around.
We recommend warming it in the microwave before eating.
Onigiri is wrapped so that the seaweed does not touch the rice directly.
This is to keep the seaweed dry.
You can easily remove the packaging while wrapping the seaweed.
Please read the explanation carefully and try it.

Lunch plate

In Japan, there is a set of staple food and side dishes (like a lunch plate).
In Japanese, it means “bento“.
Bento sold at convenience stores are not fancy, but are often simple.
From around $4~

Japanese cakes and desserts

A wide variety of cakes and ice creams are available.
I hear that cream puffs and puddings are different from overseas.
You don’t often see shortcake at convenience stores, but it seems to be a cake unique to Japan, so please try it.
It’s different depending on the convenience store company, and some are seasonal, so you won’t get tired of it.
All of them are delicious, so I recommend them all!

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