Children's day/Boys' Festival/Carp streamer

Children’s Day is now a day to pray for the health and happiness of children.

In order to give birth to a healthy child, the mother must be healthy.

Therefore, it also has the meaning of
thanking your mother.

Strictly speaking, Children’s Day and Boys’ Day are different things, but they are the same day and have similar meanings, so I don’t really distinguish them.

During the Boy’s Festival, carp streamers are displayed, and Kashiwamochi is eaten.
and decorate “armor helmet”.

Koinobori“(carp streamer);
A streamer made in the shape of a carp that is displayed in the garden of a family to pray for the healthy growth of boys during the Tango no Sekku festival that began in samurai families during the Edo period.

There are also Koinobori with motifs of the father (the largest and black), the mother (the second largest and red), and the children (smaller blue and pink).

Kashiwamochi” (mochi wrapped in oak leaves);
Since the old leaves do not fall off until new shoots appear, the oak tree became popular as a talisman of good luck with a “continuous family lineage.”
*Various foods from all over the country are eaten as lucky charms, and besides kashiwamochi, there are also rice cakes, steamed buns, and noodles.

Kabuto”(Armor): It has the meaning of protecting a boy’s body.

Source:quoted from Wikipedia

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