Doll Festival

Hina dolls are a type of doll called katashiro, and it is said that gods and spirits descend.
Hinamatsuri began as an event in which, as a scapegoat for a daughter, she transferred the misfortunes and impurities that would attack her to a hina doll.
A primitive and simple doll made of paper or clay, it was washed away in rivers and seas after suffering a year’s misfortune.
This is called “Hina nagashi”.

At Hinamatsuri, we decorate Hina dolls and celebrate girls.
Eat hishimochi and hina arare.


Hishimochi(diamond-shaped rice cake)

It is a lozenge-shaped rice cake that is offered along with Hina dolls, and is an event food for the Peach Festival.

  • Red: To honor the ancestors, exorcise bad luck, and to celebrate health by adding redness to the fruit of the mountain bellflower, which has detoxifying effects, and represents the peach blossom.
  • White: White color represents purity and imitates remaining snow.
  • Green: The buds of mugwort that sprout in early spring purify impurities, and are likened to sprouting young grass.

There are various theories other than that the rhombic shape represents the earth.

I feel like it wasn’t very delicious because it was for decoration.
There are several types, such as mochi and rice crackers.

Most of them are only sold during this period, so if you want to try them, buy them about a week in advance or before the day.


Hina-arare(Hina hail)

Dried non-glutinous rice (dried after being boiled or steamed) and roasted beans are sweetened with sugar. When adding colors such as pink or green, color the arare or sprinkle colored sugar on the arare.

It has a light texture and feels like a snack.
Even supermarkets sell them cheaply during the season.

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