Summer is the season for festivals.

Festivals are held all over the country, even on a small scale.

Lantern-lit stalls line the streets selling food, lottery, shooting (cork bullets), toys, and more.

It’s the only opportunity in a year to wear a yukata (like a summer kimono).

People who don’t have one don’t wear it, but they sell cheap yukata, so if you know how to wear it, you can wear it.

Summer in Japan is very hot and humid, as it can reach 30-35°C even at night.

Cool off by fanning yourself with an “uchiwa” or “sensu“(folding fan), or by eating ”Kakigo-ri” (shavings of ice and sweet syrup).

I like the atmosphere of festivals, such as unusual sights, sights of lights at night, and lively sights in yukata.

Bon Odori (dancing together in yukata) is the main event of the festival.

Dance slowly to music with unique taiko drums and rhythms.

It feels laid back and I like the peaceful scenery.

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