Graduation ceremony

Graduation ceremonies in Japan are held in March.

Farewell to classmates, farewell to seniors and juniors, farewell to hometown…
At the same time, migration will increase.

Until high school students, most students wear school uniforms to their graduation ceremonies.
Although it depends on the person, university students often wear hakama.

By the way, hakama is one of the big categories of kimono.
The kimono is a long jacket tied with an obi.
Hakama, on the other hand, is worn with a slightly shorter jacket on top and a trouser-like kimono called hakama underneath.

Wearing a hakama is like a graduation ceremony.


Normally, kimonos are wrapped around the fabric, so you cannot walk with long strides.

Since the hakama is a trouser type, you can walk with long strides, making it easy to walk.

You have to take off your hakama when you go to the toilet.



The fabric of kimono is thin and the obi is slightly loose, so it is easier than kimono.
Yukata are thin and cool, so they are worn in the summer.
I rarely have the opportunity to wear a kimono, but I sometimes wear a yukata at summer festivals.
Other than that, at Japanese-style inns, you can rent it as a room wear.

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