Moon viewing

It is a custom to appreciate the moon on August 15th of the lunar calendar.
I have the impression that there is nothing to do properly at home now.
If I see dumplings at the supermarket, I would probably buy them.

There are various origins, so I will omit it, but it seems that the seasoning is quite different depending on the region, such as dango or taro.

In Japan, it is said that “a rabbit is pounding rice cakes” because of the pattern on the moon.

But it seems to be different around the world.

Crab, crocodile, donkey, lion, woman, man…etc.
Since the orientation changes between the northern and southern hemispheres, it seems that the appearance of the pattern and the range in which the pattern is visible change.

I can understand that the way you see is different when you hear scientific things.
But what is interesting is that the patterns have various stories attached to them.

I wonder if people in the old days looked at the distant moon and thought and imagined various things…

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