Setsubun (throwing beans to ward off evil)

It was believed that evil spirits (demons) appeared at the turn of the seasons, so rituals were held to ward off evil spirits.

In the past, it seems that it was done for the purpose of exorcism and evil spirits.
However, recently, I don’t do it much at home because it’s troublesome to clean up after and because my faith has faded.
Mainly for events and small children.
I used to do it at home a few times when I was little.
Throw the beans outside and inside the house while saying, “Oni wa(=) soto, fortune wa(=) uchi.”
※”Oni(鬼)” = ogre, “Soto(外)” = outside
※”Fuku(福)” = Fuku, “Uchi(内)” = Inside

Also, there was a custom to eat as many beans as the number of years.
The base is roasted beans. When I was a child, it was around 10 grains, so it was okay, but it may be a little tough for adults.

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