Explain how to hold dishes.

how to hold a teacup 2

how to hold a teacup

【How to eat rice and soup】

Hold the tea bowl by supporting the top and bottom edges.
There is no grabbing or squeezing at this time.
It looks beautiful when the fingers of the hand attached to the bottom are straight.

When eating rice or soup, lift the bowl.
It is not good to eat with chopsticks while it is on the table.

The reason is that the head is lowered, and the distance to reach the mouth with the chopsticks is too long, so it will spill and become dirty.
However, if you lift the tableware, you can carry it to your mouth without losing your posture.


chopstick 2

how to hold chopsticks

【it's wrong to hold】

Chopsticks are placed on your fingers to pick up food.
The correct way to hold it is to support it rather than holding it like you would hold a pen.

Please refer to the video for details.

Mouth seasoning(口内調味)

【Unique Japanese way of eating】

A way of eating in which the staple food, rice, main dish, side dish, soup, etc. are alternately eaten little by little.

  • Increased mastication frequency and increased saliva volume
  • The blood sugar level rises relatively quickly, and even if the amount of food eaten is small, it quickly stimulates the satiety center of the brain and “suppresses appetite”.
  • Prevention of excessive salt intake



all-in-one cuisine

【Some things are not triangular eating】

I mentioned mouth seasoning above, but Japanese food is very diverse.
There are also many dishes that come together in one dish, such as donburi (rice bowl) and ramen.
Donburi is basically a style of rice topped with side dishes.
There are various reasons why it is easier to put it on, or that the rice is more flavorful and delicious.

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