Top 4 Convenience Stores

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As of January 2023:56,759 stores
(→Seven-Eleven:21,111 stores
(→Family Mart:16,314 stores)
(→Lawson:13,735 stores)

※source:Nippon Spftware Service

convenience store

Desserts at Lawson and parfaits at Ministop

Family Mart
→Sweet bread is delicious

Onigiri is the most delicious here

convenience store

What do you sell other than groceries?

7-Eleven is a convenience store that started in America.
Then in Japan in May 1974.The first store was opened.
Since then, the number of stores has steadily increased, reaching 20,000 stores in 2019.
In 2000, the following year, the number of stores reached 70,000 worldwide.

We Along with the shop in any era Continuing to Pursue Convenience for Local Communities Realize a rich life every day.
Corporate Philosophy

※Source:7-Eleven HP

Mr. Lawson used to run a milk store in the United States, and it became a chain store that also sells daily necessities. After that, it will be under the umbrella of a major company and will establish a convenience store operating system.
The chain name “Lawson” and the design of milk cans reminiscent of American farms actually originated from this American milk store “Lawson”.

Daiei, Lawson’s parent company at the time, signed a consulting contract.
Established a unique franchise system based on Lawson Milk’s know-how.

The first Lawson store opened in 1975.
Achieved 10,000 stores in Japan in 2011.
14,656 stores in February 2022.

New corporate slogan for a leap forward in the new Reiwa era. Lawson strives becoming a “Hub of refreshment in every community” We respond to social issues by honoring our three promises under the New Lawson Declaration while striving to become “every customer’s No. 1 recommended brand.”
Corporate Message

※Source:Lawson HP

When Kocie1 went to Okinawa, there was a Lawson with a brown logo to protect the scenery.
It was a rare and valuable non-blue Lawson in the whole country!

In 1973, the first FamilyMart store opened in Saitama Prefecture.
In 2006, we opened stores in all 47 prefectures of Japan.
Completed brand integration with Circle K Sunkus in 2018.
The first unmanned payment store will open in 2021.

・get close to the community ・We do our best to meet each customer ・Connect like a family
Corporate Message

※Source:Family Mart HP

As a result of each convenience store sharpening competition and seeking better service…
It’s too convenient and it’s hard to decide which one is better.
No matter which convenience store you go to nationwide, there is almost no difference, and the quality is high.

If you live in Japan, which is full of convenience stores, you can’t escape from it.
After enjoying convenience stores in Japan, you will feel lonely when you return home. surely.

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